Desert heat is an effect found in the desert area of Old School RuneScape. Desert heat does damage to a player while they are within a desert area that is further south than Shantay Pass. In order to counteract the effects of desert heat a player must carry a waterskin. Every time the player would be affected by desert heat, they will automatically take a drink from their waterskin, thereby preventing any damage from being dealt. Note that players are immune to desert heat while within the boundaries of towns.

The heat can deal at least 10 damage. Low health hardcore ironmen should always enter the desert fully prepared.

Protective clothes and gearEdit


  • Waterskins - Waterskins allow a player to survive the desert's heat effect, and usually come in 4 doses of water. Each time a player drinks, a dose of water is used up.
  • Choc-ice - Players who go to Nardah can buy choc-ice from Rokuh. They also heal 6 hitpoints.


Certain clothes protect against desert heat, by extending the time between drinks of water. These include:

Note that players do not have to wear an entire set for the protecting effect to happen. Each piece contributes to the protection. However, full sets provide the most protection.

Additional time (in seconds) provided per item
Item set Helm Top Legs Boots
Desert robes N/A +12 +12 +6
Desert outfit +0 +12 top, +6 coat +12 (both types) N/A
Menaphite clothing +12 +0 +0 N/A
  • Base time between drinks or damage is 90 seconds.
  • Maximum time between drinks is 132 seconds. This can be achieved by wearing Desert Robes in combination with a Menaphite hat.

Some players believe that the Robes of Elidinis and Slave robes provide protection from desert heat. However, neither set provide any protection from desert heat.

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