Diango's Toy Store is located in Draynor Village market. Many holiday events are centred around Diango and his store. Players who have lost a non-tradeable holiday item should also visit this store to have it replaced free of charge.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Brown toy horsey Brown toy horsey 10 150 191
White toy horsey White toy horsey 10 150 291
Black toy horsey Black toy horsey 10 150 218
Grey toy horsey Grey toy horsey 10 150 189
Spinning plate Spinning plate 250 75 Not sold
Yellow beach boxing gloves Beach boxing gloves (yellow) 5 75 Not sold
Purple beach boxing gloves Beach boxing gloves (pink) 5 75 Not sold
Cursed goblin hammer Cursed goblin hammer 3 45 Not sold
Cursed goblin bow Cursed goblin bow 3 45 Not sold
Cursed goblin staff Cursed goblin staff 3 45 Not sold
Event rpg Event rpg 3 225 Not sold
Diango's claws Diango's claws 5 750 Not sold
Green banner Green banner 5 73 Not sold
Chronicle Chronicle 1 300 Not sold
Teleport card Teleport card 10 150 Not sold
Cabbage cape Cabbage cape 10 150 Not sold
Cruciferous codex Cruciferous codex 15 300 Not sold

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