Fighting King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon in action.

A dragon (Draconis Rex) is a large winged reptilian monster (though rarely seen flying) and possesses the ability to exhale dragonfire. Since a dragon's fiery breath attack can hit over 45+ damage, to safely fight them, an Anti-dragon shield or Anti-fire potion is almost always required. If both the shield and the potion are used, 100% of the damage is prevented. All dragons drop dragonhides of their particular colour (or metal bars in the case of metallic dragons) and dragon bones. For the chromatic dragons, it is interesting to note that the Combat level of the corresponding dragon increases with a trend similar to that of the rank of the colour of the karate belt. Mr. Mordaut is an exception, as he is the only non-attackable dragon apart from the fairy dragon, K'klik, in Recipe for Disaster.

The different varieties of dragons are listed below.

Chromatic dragonsEdit

Main article: Chromatic dragons

Metal dragonsEdit

Main article: Metal dragons

Other draconic creaturesEdit

Main article: Miscellaneous dragons



  • Recently in a letter to a dragon, they stated they CAN fly. They are not seen flying because they prefer to eat humans on the ground.
  • Dragons are thought to be the descendants of the powerful, extinct race known as Dragonkin.
  • During the quest Dragon slayer, there's a short cutscene where you can see Elvarg fly. This is the only time in RuneScape when a dragon is seen flying.

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