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1Cosmic rune2Astral rune5Body rune


Dream Mentor
(plus Lunar Diplomacy)

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Please note that all numbers given for the stacking of effects with the Dream spell are based on mathematical principles and not necessarily accurate with game mechanics.

Dream is a Lunar spell that causes the caster to fall asleep and triples the rate at which Hitpoints naturally regenerate. 1 hitpoint will regenerate every 20 seconds, or 3 hitpoints per minute. Dream's effect will end if the caster does anything except chat, including trade, moving, logging out, attacking or being attacked, or using items (You can change your armour while dreaming). Additionally, Dream's effect ends once the caster reaches full health.

This is one of the seven Lunar spells that require the completion of Dream Mentor in addition to Lunar Diplomacy to use.

Dream stacks additively, rather than multiplicatively, with other regenerative effects such as Rapid Heal and the regen bracelet. For example, a player who casts Dream with Rapid Heal on will regenerate 5 hitpoints per minute (3 hitpoints per minute from Dream plus 2 hitpoints per minute from Rapid Heal).

Use of this spell does not prevent automatic logout after five minutes of inactivity.


Spell cost
1Cosmic rune2Astral rune5Body rune451


  • Dream cannot be cast at full health; attempting to do so yields the message "You have no need to cast this spell since your hitpoints are already full."
  • Dream may be cast while poisoned.
  • Trying to use this spell in a nightmare zone dream's will show the message ''You cannot perform inception here. Dreaming within this dream will inevitably activate your kick (i.e. death)''

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