Sergeant Damien chathead
Drill Demon random event

A player participating in the Drill Demon random event.

Drill Demon is a random event. During this event, the player is teleported to a training area and ordered by the drill demon to do some physical training such as Push ups, Sit ups, jog in place or Star jumps. The signs in front of each training mat indicate what they are used for (note that the signs are randomly rearranged after each player action performed on a mat).  

Once the player has done 4 successful training moves, they are sent back to where they came from with a piece of camouflage clothing or, when the player has the full camo outfit, the ability to do the training moves anywhere as emotes. If the player already has all of these, they will be awarded 500 coins instead. 


  • Although there appears to be scenery outside of the training enclosure, players are unable to explore the area as there is no way through the fence.
  • Via the use of third-party programs, it is revealed that a lot of the scenery in the drill demon's area was also previously unseen due to graphical limitations; specifically, the limited draw distance of the official client.