Tolna's rift

The Dungeon of Tolna can be accessed after completing A Soul's Bane. It is located east of Varrock and west of Paterdomus.

After completing the quest, you can attack the monsters within the dungeon for combat training experience.

The areasEdit

There are four major areas of the dungeon each consisting of quite strange monsters.

Anger RoomEdit

This room contains monsters suitable for level 40s-50s to train on. Monsters are level 47 and have 50 hitpoints.


Fear RoomEdit

This room contains Fear reapers and is only recommended for those with combat levels in at least the high 40s. Fear reapers are level 55.

Confusion RoomEdit

This room contains level 63 Confusion beasts. They can no longer poison as they could during the quest.

Hopeless RoomEdit

At level 71, the Hopeless Creatures are the strongest in the dungeon.

Notable changes from the questEdit

The first thing any adventurer will notice upon entering the dungeon after completion of the quest is that they will enter a lobby type area, allowing them to go into any of the rooms. After finishing the quest, the creatures will be noticeably stronger. Also there are no bosses.


  • To access the dungeon, the quest A Soul's Bane needs to be completed.


  • Tolna, the lost boy who discovered the rift (also went insane during the quest)

Music unlockedEdit

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