Edgeville Dungeon
Edgeville dungeon
Kingdom Misthalin
Main Music Barbarianism, Forever, Scape Cave
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Chronozon (boss), Black demon (monster)
Quests Family Crest
Inhabitants/Race Rats, Spiders, Giants, Humans, Demons, Undead
Edgeville dungeon map
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The Edgeville Dungeon is a dungeon in Edgeville. It contains a large variety of monsters spanning across a wide range of levels. It can be accessed by either a locked shed northwest of the Cooks' Guild or a trapdoor south of the Edgeville bank. In order to get through the shed door of the entrance southeast of Edgeville, a brass key is needed.

The northern half of the dungeon is part of the Wilderness, which means players can attack each other in the Wilderness part of the dungeon. Anyone who wishes to explore the deeper parts of this dungeon should be careful and only bring items that they are willing to lose. Most of the dungeon is Free-to-play, but entering the Wilderness portion will require the player to be on a Pay-to-play server.

This dungeon is known to be popular for killing Chaos druids and Hill Giants. Vannaka the Slayer master can also be found here.


Edgeville map

The dungeon trapdoor is south of the bank.

There are two entrances to the dungeon. The most common is in Edgeville, in the ruined house south of the bank via a trapdoor by a coffin. The entrance is marked by a dungeon map icon mark (Dungeon icon) on the minimap.

Another entrance is west of the Cooks' Guild near Varrock on the east side of the River Lum. To get in, the player must bring a brass key, which can be found in the dungeon.



Northern (Wilderness)Edit



Non-Wilderness areaEdit

  • There is a Mining spot inside the dungeon with 2 copper, 2 tin, 3 iron, 3 silver, 6 coal, 1 mithril, and 2 adamantite rocks. It is almost never used due to the large amount of monsters in the area, coupled with its distance from a bank.
  • Quite a few Hill Giants live in the southern-most area of the dungeon. They are a popular place to collect big bones, particularly on free worlds, since those with a brass key can take a short cut to and from the Varrock bank.
    • In addition, a locked gate at the end of the hill giant area leads to Obor's lair, requiring a giant key dropped from the hill giants to access. Obor is unique, as he is the only free-to-play boss in Old School RuneScape.
  • Members with 51 Agility can squeeze through a pipe on the east side of the dungeon that leads right to the Moss giants in the Varrock Sewers. It can be used in either direction.

Wilderness areaEdit



  • Several inaccessible fishing spots can be seen in the body of water next to the Chaos druids.

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