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Elemental Workshop I (#53)
Elemental Workshop I
Members only? Yes
Release date 2 June 2004 (Update)
Quest series Elemental Workshop
Official difficulty Novice
Developer Dylan C
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Start point Quest Seers' Village, the house southwest of the bank.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Hundreds of years ago, a mineral was found that had the ability to change the property of Magic.

The magicians, fearing the effect this may have on their profession, sealed this Workshop forever; or so they had hoped. See if you can rediscover the lost knowledge of elemental ore.

Length Short
Items required
Enemies to defeat Earth elemental (level 35)


Bound under lock and keyEdit

Elemental Workshop 1

The start point.

Head to Seers' Village and into the house immediately southwest of the bank, indicated by the quest start icon. Search the bookcase on the east wall to receive a book titled The Elemental Shield.

The book speaks about an ore that was discovered in the Fifth Age, able to concentrate elemental energy into itself. Following this revelation, a workshop was created in Seers' Village, calling all craftsmen to invent new devices using this unique ore. Unfortunately, realising the destructive potential of the ore, the workshop had to be closed down, along with details of any processes involved destroyed.

Elemental Workshop 2

The odd looking wall.

Read the book, before using a knife on it to get a battered key, turning the tome into a slashed book. Enter the north building with the anvil icon, and use the key on the odd-looking wall with the strange crack. Climb down the stairs you find there to enter a workshop.


Elemental Workshop

A map of the dungeon.

First, head into the northern chamber. There are two water controls to the east and west of the water wheel. Turn the eastern water control so that it displays green instead of red. Do the same with the western water control, then pull the lever near the water wheel to jump-start it. The water wheel should now start spinning.

Elemental Workshop 4

The small crate.

Next, head into the eastern chamber. (If you didn't bring your own Leather, you can find Leather in the northwestern crates of the central room) Fix the bellows with a spool of thread and leather, then pull the lever next to it. The bellows should now start pumping air.

NOTE: You can find a needle by searching the crate in the fenced area of the room west of the central room and you can find leather by searching some of the crates in the northwest corner of the central room.

Head into the western cavern and attempt to mine an elemental rock. The rock springs to life, yells, and attacks you. Kill the earth elemental, and pick up the elemental ore that it drops. Kill two more if you want to save time for Elemental Workshop II, or three more if you also want a Mind shield after completing that quest.

NOTE: One of the Kandarin easy tasks is to kill 1 of each elemental (must kill a regular Earth elemental, not the ones that can be mined first) but it is entirely optional for this quest.

Finally, head back to the central chamber. Search the small boxes in the northeast corner to obtain a stone bowl. Fill it with lava from the lava trough in the southern chamber, then use it on the furnace to the east in the same chamber. The inside of the furnace should now glow orange.

A lost artEdit

Proceed to use the elemental ore, along with four coal, on the furnace to obtain an elemental metal. If you receive the message "The furnace needs to be hotter in order to be of any use," return to the northern and eastern rooms to ensure that the water wheel is spinning and the bellow is moving.

With the slashed book in your inventory, go back to the centre and use the elemental metal on the workbench to make an elemental shield. If you are unable to craft the shield, destroy the slashed book and obtain a new one from the bookcase.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Elemental Workshop I reward scroll

Required for completingEdit

Completion of Elemental Workshop I is required for the following:

Note: You may want to defeat one of each of the four Elementals for a Kandarin Diary requirement. For the Earth Elemental, you must defeat one of the actual Elementals walking around; the rock that turns into the Elemental won't count towards the requirement.

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