Elemental Workshop
Elemental Workshop 2
Kingdom Kandarin
Main Music Prime Time
Levels 3
Strongest Monster Earth elemental
Quests Elemental Workshop I, II
Inhabitants/Race Elemental
Elemental Workshop

A map of the dungeon.

Click the map to view a larger version.

The Elemental workshop is a dungeon that you can progressively explore more of as you complete the Elemental Workshop quest series. It is accessed by opening the odd looking wall, by using battered key, in the building west of the Seers bank with the anvil icon and going down the stairs.

1st floor[U.K. floor]Edit

The workshop can be first accessed during the Elemental Workshop I quest.

The 1st floor[U.K. floor] is where players can find elemental ore, though mining them will transform the rock into an earth elemental. Once it is killed, a player may mine an elemental ore.

Another section is a room filled with water elementals. This room plays an important part in both Elemental Workshop I and Elemental Workshop II.

A third room contains air elementals and a giant bellow.

The fourth room contains fire elementals and a furnace. This room is where player can smelt elemental ore and four coal into an elemental metal.

Use an elemental metal on one of the workbenches in the lobby while carrying a hammer to create:

2nd floor[U.K. floor]Edit

Elemental workshop II map

Elemental Workshop 2nd floor

Accessed during the Elemental Workshop II quest, 4 pieces of equipment on this floor (crane, press, tank, and wind tunnel) must be repaired. Players can then process elemental metals by superheating them in lava, stamping them in the press, and cooling them in the tank and wind tunnel to make primed bars. See quest guide for details. These are used to eventually develop elemental mind equipment.

3rd floor[U.K. floor]Edit

Accessed during the Elemental Workshop II quest, this floor contains 2 doors: one with a mind symbol on it, and the other with a body symbol.

Mind RoomEdit

You can turn a primed elemental metal into a primed mind bar in this room. Simply place any primed elemental metal into the extractor gun. Then, sit in the seat next to it. For the cost of 20 Magic, you have a primed mind bar.

A player can use a primed mind bar on the first floor anvil to create:

Body RoomEdit

This room is not available yet, though it will most likely be accessed in the 3rd part to the Elemental Workshop series.


There are no intelligible species in the Elemental Workshop.


The quests below feature heavily in this dungeon:


  • Twilight
  • Prime Time

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