Release date 7 February 2005 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Elf
Quest NPC? Roving Elves
Location Isafdar
Sells items? No
Gender Female
Notable features Recharges tiny elf crystals
Wow - the prettiest elf I have ever seen.
Eluned (Tyras Camp) location
Eluned (Lletya) location
Eluned chathead

Eluned can be found travelling with Islwyn teleporting between the magic trees outside Lletya and the clearing north-east of the Tyras Camp. Eluned is involved in the Roving Elves Quest. She will recharge your Teleport crystal for 150 - 750 coins. She will only do this if it is out of charges. She will also recharge more than one at the same time and if you have not recharged your 5th yet she will tell you the prices of the 1st - 5th crystal she recharges and it will act just as if you recharged them one by one.

See this for a detailed map of Isafdar, which shows the paths to Eluned and Islwyn and the traps and obstacles along the way.

Recharge # Cost
1st 750

If you lose your Newly made crystal during the Mourning's End Part II quest, Eluned is called on by Arianwyn to replace it.

Finding ElunedEdit

Eluned, as mentioned above, teleports around between 2 locations. A quick way to find her is to go to one of the locations, and then either wait 5 minutes for her to teleport to that location, or world hop until you find her.


  • Eluned is the name of a Welsh Saint, alternatively known as St. Anger.
  • Eluned is a Welsh feminine name meaning beauty; thus matching the examine text of the Elf.
  • The cipher "OVEXON" leads to Eluned, the answer to her question is 53,000.