Elvarg's head
Elvarg's head
Release date 18 June 2007 (Update)
Members only? No
Quest item? Dragon Slayer
Tradeable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy You can complete the quest by speaking to Oziach, even if you do not have the head.
Store price Not sold
Weight 0 kg
The severed head of the great dragon Elvarg!
Elvarg's head detail

Elvarg's head is a quest item obtained during Dragon Slayer. Players receive it when they defeat Elvarg and automatically decapitate her. The player does not need to deliver it to Oziach to complete the quest. If it is in the player's bank when they finish the quest it will disappear.

Dragon Slayer elvarg slain

A player receiving Elvarg's head.