Emerald Benedict
Emerald Benedict
Release date 25 June 2005 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? No
Location Rogues' Den
Sells items? No
Gender Male
A rich banker man... Some say too rich.
Emerald Benedict chathead

Emerald Benedict is a non-player character in the south-west corner of the Rogues' Den. He runs a bank, and players can interact with him as they can with any other banker.

The Rogues' Den is found under Burthorpe's inn. He is standing around a fire that never goes out. Normally, he would walk a few squares away from the fire, making Cooking training difficult. Thanks to a recent update, however, Emerald Benedict will never walk away from his spot, which is located one square northwest of the southernmost stool. Players can stand one block square north of the stool and have access to a fire from the north, for cooking, and Emerald to the west, for banking. Some players are even training Fletching or Firemaking here, also for the fast banking.

You can also train Thieving here at 4 spots where it is possible to obtain gems and coins. He is close to these spots, so it's also a good spot for obtaining gems.

There is also a maze located in the Rogues' Den. You cannot bring equipment in here and you get (possible) rewards in here. It is very easy to bank your equipment and your rewards.

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