This page is a summary of all enchantment spells (level 1-6) to give an idea of profit / loss on certain enchantment:

  • Material cost is calculated without elemental runes since a staff can be used to replace those
  • Profit/loss is calculated upon buying/selling at medium price (Grand Exchange) - minus material cost, as well as for each cast
  • Please note that Grand Exchange prices might change anytime causing a player to lose or profit more than this table shows
  • For dragonstone jewellry it is advised to use a Mud battlestaff
  • For onyx jewellry it is advised to use a Lava battlestaff

Sapphire - Lvl-1 EnchantEdit

Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit / Loss
Sapphire ring Sapphire ring> Ring of recoil 1Cosmic rune1Water runeSapphire ring 865 160
Sapphire necklace Sapphire necklace> Games necklace 1Cosmic rune1Water runeSapphire necklace 830 242
Sapphire bracelet Sapphire bracelet> Bracelet of clay 1Cosmic rune1Water runeSapphire bracelet 631 -26
Sapphire amulet Sapphire amulet> Amulet of magic 1Cosmic rune1Water runeSapphire amulet 699 127

Emerald - Lvl-2 EnchantEdit

Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit / Loss
Emerald ring Emerald ring > Ring of dueling 1Cosmic rune3Air runeEmerald ring 813 125
Emerald necklace Emerald necklace > Binding necklace 1Cosmic rune3Air runeEmerald necklace 811 242
Emerald bracelet Emerald bracelet> Castle wars bracelet 1Cosmic rune3Air runeEmerald bracelet 838 98
Emerald amulet Emerald amulet> Amulet of defence 1Cosmic rune3Air runeEmerald amulet 825 106

Ruby - Lvl-3 EnchantEdit

Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit / Loss
Ruby ring Ruby ring > Ring of forging 1Cosmic rune5Fire runeRuby ring 1,228 -183
Ruby bracelet Ruby bracelet > Inoculation bracelet 1Cosmic rune5Fire runeRuby bracelet 1,320 -7
Ruby amulet Ruby amulet > Amulet of strength 1Cosmic rune5Fire runeRuby amulet 1,264 101

Diamond - Lvl-4 EnchantEdit

Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit / Loss
Diamond ring Diamond ring> Ring of life 1Cosmic rune10Earth runeDiamond ring 2,098 -114
Diamond necklace Diamond necklace> Phoenix necklace 1Cosmic rune10Earth runeDiamond necklace 2,208 86
Diamond bracelet Diamond bracelet> Abyssal bracelet 1Cosmic rune10Earth runeDiamond bracelet 2,202 103
Diamond amulet Diamond amulet> Amulet of power 1Cosmic rune10Earth runeDiamond amulet 2,268 119

Dragonstone - Lvl-5 EnchantEdit

Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit / Loss
Dragonstone ring Dragonstone ring> Ring of wealth 1Cosmic rune15Earth rune15Water runeDragonstone ring 16,000 501
Dragon necklace Dragon necklace> Skills necklace 1Cosmic rune15Earth rune15Water runeDragon necklace 16,239 281
Dragonstone bracelet Dragonstone bracelet> Combat bracelet 1Cosmic rune15Earth rune15Water runeDragonstone bracelet 16,008 751
Dragonstone amulet Dragonstone amulet> Amulet of glory 1Cosmic rune15Earth rune15Water runeDragonstone amulet 16,844 208

Onyx - Lvl-6 EnchantEdit

Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit / Loss
Onyx ring Onyx ring> Ring of stone 1Cosmic rune20Fire rune20Earth runeOnyx ring 2,848,644 -727,067
Onyx necklace Onyx necklace> Berserker necklace 1Cosmic rune20Fire rune20Earth runeOnyx necklace 3,141,411 -331,955
Onyx bracelet Onyx bracelet> Bracelet of regeneration 1Cosmic rune20Fire rune20Earth runeOnyx bracelet 3,152,864 -337,641
Onyx amulet Onyx amulet> Amulet of fury 1Cosmic rune20Fire rune20Earth runeOnyx amulet 3,061,204 -237,716

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