Examine is a feature in Oldschool RuneScape that allows players to examine objects closely. Almost anything in Gielinor can be examined, whether it be items, non-player characters, interactive scenery, and even non-interactive scenery. To examine an object, right-click it and click on "Examine" (see Game controls). The examine option is usually the last option when you right-click an object. If a monster's combat level is higher than yours or you have selected the option to always right click for attack, then the examine option is second to last.

Upon choosing the Examine option, a short description of the object will appear on the chat interface.

Examining items is often not very useful for anything other than interest. One particularly unhelpful example can be seen when examining opal bolt tips, which yields the message: "Opal bolt tips." Examining some items or scenery during quests can be valuable, or even necessary. For example, examining the levers on the bottom level of the Abandoned Mine during the Haunted Mine quest lets the player know which lever is which.

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