Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen
Release date 27 February 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Fairy
Quest NPC? Fairy Tale quest series
Location Zanaris throne room
Fairy Resistance Hideout
Sells items? No
Gender Female
Notable features Queen of the fairies
Looks otherworldly...
It doesn't look like she's breathing!
She looks almost lifeless.
Looks otherworldly.
Fairy Queen chathead

The Fairy Queen is the ruler of Zanaris and the fairies, and she plays a key role in the Fairy Tale quest series.

In Fairytale I - Growing Pains the Fairy Godfather has stolen the Queen's secateurs. Players must save the Queen by returning her secateurs which Tanglefoot (a level 111 tree-like monster) drops.

In the sequel to Fairytale Part 1, Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, players do more research to find out how to cure the Queen. She is still sick and unable to move, so players do some snooping around Zanaris and find some glyphs on the back of a certificate. With the help of inscriptions on the mysterious ruins of the cosmic altar, players decipher the code and learn how to gain access to the Queen's quarters. Players must then create a potion to cure her. After all this is done, they gain the ability to use the fairy rings and have their own pair of magic secateurs.

While the Fairy Queen is sick, you cannot talk to her. Only before and after both quests can you speak to her.

To return to the queen, the player must enter the following 4 Fairy Ring codes: air, dlr, djq, ajs. After a recent update, players who have completed Fairytale II are no longer required to have Nuff's Certificate in your inventory.

Clue ScrollEdit

As of the Clue Scroll expansion update on July 6, the hard clue scroll with the cipher "GBJSZ RVFFO" requires the player to talk to the Fairy Queen and will receive a puzzle box to complete. You only get a puzzle box after you completed Fairy Tales Part 2.


  • The Fairy Queen is the only fairy with four wings.
  • "GBJSZ RVFFO" is "FAIRY QUEEN" but each letter is shifted by 1. This is a basic encryption method known as a Caesar cipher.

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