Farmer's outfit (male) equipped

A male player wearing the farmer's outfit.

The Farmer's outfit is an experience-boosting set that grants bonus Farming experience when worn. A Farming level of 34 is required to wear any of the pieces, as pieces of the outfit are purchased from the Tithe Farm shop. The outfit costs a total of 400 points to purchase.

Item Bonus
Farmer's strawhat Farmer's strawhat 0.4%
Farmer's jacket Farmer's jacket 0.8%
Farmer's boro trousers Farmer's boro trousers 0.6%
Farmer's boots Farmer's boots 0.2%
Sub-total 2%
Set bonus 0.5%
Full set 2.5%

Bonus per 100 points is 0.53 for hat and jacket, 0.48 for trousers, 0.40 for boots and 0.63 for full set with set bonus.

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