Feldip Weasel
Feldip Weasel
Release date Unknown edit
Hunter Level 7
Experience 48
Location Feldip Hunter area
Trap Noose wand
Retaliation No
Loot Bones, raw beast meat, feldip weasel fur
Cannot be examined

The Feldip Weasel is actually a kebbit, not a weasel. A player would have to track the Feldip Weasel with a noose wand from their burrow. They are not seen roaming about like other kebbits such as the wild kebbit. However, players see them when pulling them out with a noose wand.


This monster lives in the jungle west of the crimson swifts, south of Feldip Hills. It is easier to find them if players find the hunter master there and go south from there.

Feldip Weasl Hunting (Map View)
Feldip Weasel Hunting

Hunting Edit

To hunt the kebbit, start by inspecting a burrow until a trail of tracks appear. Follow the end of the tracks and continue by searching or inspecting nearby bushes and jungle plants until the chat box has a message that reads: "It looks like there might be something hiding in this bush." Right click on the bush with a noose wand equipped, and select the attack option. One feldip weasel fur, one raw beast meat, and bones will appear in your inventory, with the message: "You manage to noose a Feldip weasel that is hiding in the bush." Attempting to attack the bush without a noose wand equipped causes the trail to reset and a failure to catch the kebbit.

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