This article is about mine west of Port Khazard. For the mine located inside Port Khazard, see Port Khazard mine.
Fight Arena mine
Fight Arena mine
Also known as? Port Khazard Mine, Yanille Mine
Location South-west of Port Khazard
Members only? Yes
Rocks 4 clay rocks
2 copper rocks
7 tin rocks
9 iron rocks
1 coal rock
2 mithril rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Fight Arena mapFight Arena mine map

The Fight Arena mine is a mining area located between Port Khazard and Yanille, near the Fight Arena. It has a large variety of rocks, and it is close to the nearby Yanille bank as well as a bank deposit box and chest at Port Khazard. Also, the mine is a good source for iron ore.


There are several ways to reach this site:


This mine contains the following ores:

The mine also has three exhausted rocks with "mine" options; however, no ore can be extracted from them.

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