Findable items are the items found in many areas throughout RuneScape, that offer places to search for items that may or may not be of use. Some of these are oddities, while others are bits of armor, and while most of them may have some sort of use as skill items, a few of them are utterly useless.

Search locations Edit

Places such as chests, crates, boxes, barrels, cuboards and bookshelves may offer findable items. In some cases, these items may be required for certain quests. In other cases, the locations my offer a few gold coins, garlic, and other minor items. In yet other cases, various bits of trash can be discovered in these areas, or, in the case of chests, runes. Other items may be found just lying on the ground or on tables or counters at respawn points. 

Useful findable items Edit

Non-useful findable items Edit

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