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1Chaos rune4Fire rune3Air rune

Fire Bolt
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Fire Bolt is the second weakest fire spell available in the standard spellbook. This spell requires three air runes, four fire runes, and one chaos rune to cast. Without boosts, the maximum damage of this spell is 12.

Players who have completed the Family Crest quest can wear Chaos gauntlets, which will increase the maximum damage of this spell to 15 (1 less than Fire Blast), and wearing an Occult necklace the gauntlets would make 16, thus tying Fire Blast. Wielding Staff of the dead and the gauntlets would make it hit 17. If you use Staff of the dead with Occult necklace, you are able to hit 18. Also, with Staff of the dead, Slayer helmet (i) and Occult necklace, 21 is achievable on slayer tasks.

Tome of fire boost the original amount of damage by 50%. The maximum amount of damage a mid-level account can do with chaos gauntlets and Tome of fire is 22. Adding in Occult, boosts it to 24, Staff of the dead boosts it to 25. Using both Staff of the dead and Occult makes it a 27. If you add in the Ancestral robes set bonus you can push Fire Bolt to 28. All of that on top of the Slayer helm (i) would make your max hit a 31 on slayer targets.

The Magic experience gained depends on the damage dealt. The amount of experience increases by 2 for each additional damage dealt as shown on the table below.

Damage Exp
0 22.5
1 24.5
2 26.5
3 28.5
4 30.5
5 32.5
6 34.5
7 36.5
8 38.5
9 40.5
10 42.5
11 44.5
12 46.5
13 [1] 48.5
14 [1] 50.5
15 [1] 52.5
16 [2] 54.5
17 [3] 56.5
18 [3] 58.5


Spell cost
4Fire rune3Air rune1Chaos rune128
Combo runes
4Fire rune1Chaos rune3Dust rune122
3Air rune1Chaos rune4Lava rune120
1Chaos rune4Smoke rune253
3Air rune1Chaos rune4Steam rune348
4Fire rune1Chaos rune3Mist rune239
4Fire rune1Chaos runeStaff of air113
4Fire rune1Chaos runeMist battlestaff113
4Fire rune1Chaos runeDust battlestaff113
3Air rune1Chaos runeTome of fire108
1Chaos runeStaff of airTome of fire93
3Air rune1Chaos runeLava battlestaff108
3Air rune1Chaos runeSteam battlestaff108
1Chaos runeMist battlestaffTome of fire93
1Chaos runeDust battlestaffTome of fire93
3Air rune1Chaos runeStaff of fire108
1Chaos runeSmoke battlestaff93
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Chaos gauntlets must be worn.
  2. In addition to Chaos gauntlets, the Occult necklace must also be worn.
  3. 3.0 3.1 in addition to Chaos gauntlets and Occult necklace player must use smoke battlestaff

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