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The Watercooler is a place where community members can discuss larger changes to the wiki, such as policy proposals or suggestions to substantially redesign content pages. As this page is viewed by a variety of editors, you can expect fair and centralised discussions. Broadly construed, if the community would be interested in the topic, start it here. Even if a discussion is taking place elsewhere, it may be appropriate to announce that discussion here as well. To add a new topic, type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic".

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Active threadsEdit

TopicLast EditLast Author
Wikia pages appear 'too' zoomed in?22:07, October 26, 2017Spineweilder

Archived threadsEdit

TopicLast EditLast Author
Need help heroes guild phoenix member02:18, October 30, 2017Spineweilder
Weapons with special attacks15:13, October 24, 2017Spineweilder
Chat options in quick guides15:48, October 1, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Some article style clarification20:23, July 11, 2017KnazO
Fix Krystilia's info17:20, July 11, 2017Spineweilder
Changing the wiki URL Part 3?00:18, July 1, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Logo Redesign - Competition?23:22, June 16, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Custodian user group20:10, June 11, 2017Shoyrukon
Stronghold of Security20:08, June 11, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Changing the wiki URL Part 216:13, May 30, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Completely separate ironman quest guides16:11, May 30, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Changing the wiki URL03:35, May 5, 2017Spineweilder
Buying lava dragon mask02:09, April 27, 2017Spineweilder
Removal of Hot Spots module23:10, February 23, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Common Trade Index17:57, February 16, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Calculator Namespace16:43, February 16, 2017Scuzzy Beta
Request for adminship: Rainbow Dash9419:46, May 23, 2016Ozuzanna
Add this page17:30, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Heros Quest17:30, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Jagex support17:29, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Lua17:29, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Search Bar17:28, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Desysop inactive accounts17:27, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Enabling the wiki chat.17:27, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Formally banning videos17:27, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Allow admins access to ProtectSite tool17:26, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Capitalization17:25, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Bot tags: MuudyBot and ∫17:25, May 23, 2016Spineweilder
Aggressive stance on JPG files and personal images17:25, May 23, 2016Spineweilder

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