The fourth wall is the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a traditional three-walled box set in a theatre, through which the audience sees the action of the play. In Gielinor, speaking directly to or otherwise acknowledging the player or real world can be referred to as "breaking the fourth wall" as it deconstructs the boundaries of RuneScape's game world.



  • Murphy who apparently speaks of "Game Magic".
  • In the quest The Queen of Thieves, Robert O'Reilly talks about how convenient it is that you have a stew in your inventory prior to him requesting one. This is likely aimed at players who used a quest guide.
  • In the quest The Fremennik Isles, Mawnis Burowgar talks about the convenience of having 8 ropes in your inventory before he asks for the ropes. Again aiming at players using quest guides.
  • The town crier who talks of the game website and Player Moderators.
  • Straven, who tells the player to go to a "member's server" when asked about the Thieves' armband.
  • The bartender of the Blue Moon Inn.
  • A conversation with Father Aereck, where it comes up that RuneScape is just a computer game.
  • The Mage of Zamorak who speaks about "right-clicking" him to get the teleport option.
  • Doris who expresses her thankfulness for no longer having an "Attack" option.
  • The Lumbridge Sage who recommends you visit the RuneScape website for help and advice.
  • Ava in Draynor Manor says "..everyone knows that true warriors don't ever sleep... or perform many other bodily functions", playing into the joke/idea that RuneScape characters aren't human

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