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Free-to-play, also known as F2P, is the free version of RuneScape where no payment to Jagex is required to play. Players who play the free version of RuneScape are known as "Free players", "F2Ps", or "Non-members". This is in contrast to members, who pay a fee for access to a much larger map and a multitude of skills, items, quests, and activities, which are not available to free-to-play users. It is worth noting that free-to-play users can gain access to membership through in-game purchases of membership bonds.

Anyone with a valid RuneScape account can access free-to-play servers.

Free-to-play was released permanently on the 19th of February 2015, due to people voting yes in the poll for the introduction of free-to-play along with membership bonds. Before this a 2-week F2P trial existed for new accounts.

Free-to-play contentEdit

Free-to-Play in short Quest

While there are many limitations, to the game that are members only, Free to play still yields a decent gaming experience for players. However, it is important to remember Free To Play is only a small portion of the full game.


Free-to-play has access to 15 skills and maximum total level for them is 1485.

The skills are:


Main article: Bestiary/F2P

There are relatively few monsters in free-to-play, partly due to there being only six dungeons in the free-to-play map. The dungeons are:

Some monsters have restricted drop tables in F2P and it should be noted that all areas, such as the Wilderness, do not contain all of the monsters found in members servers.

The highest level free-to-play monsters are Evil Chicken and Shades. The only boss with broadcast loot and kill counter is Obor and he can be killed in Edgeville dungeon after having retrieved the key to his lair. Other notable higher level monsters include Ankous, Lesser demons, Greater demons and quest boss Elvarg.


Main article: Free-to-play Quests

There are 19 free-to-play quests with a total of 40 available quest points. With 32 quest points Champions' Guild becomes available and players may start arguably the most challenging free-to-play quest: Dragon Slayer.


Free players have access to Duel Arena and 7 of the 11 Clan Wars maps. With the recent addition of Last Man Standing, free players can access LMS. Additionally, in July 2017, Castle Wars was made available for free players as well.


Armour Limitation

Players will find that there are many items they cannot equip unless they are members, should one browse their combat stat guides. (Players can find these guides in-game, by clicking on their Attack, Strength, or Defence levels.) 

Although there are a great quantity of items unavailable, Non-members are still privileged with the use of many metal armours and weapons (aside from claws and the like) as well as Wizard Robes and hats, Leather / Hard / Studded leather armour, and green dragonhide armour.

Limited Bank Size Bank icon

Non-members in Runescape will discover an increase in bank size when they attain the membership status; which used to be an immense relief for players. 

Oldschool developers have since given both Members and Non-members a vast amount of extra banking space as a result of the player community calling for the change.  

Membership Bonds Old school bond

Old School bonds can be purchased with real world cash, or purchased in-game. These can be redeemed in-game for a period of Membership playtime. In other-words, one could make gold and play membership content for free!

Free-to-play serversEdit

Main article: Server

There are 12 free-to-play servers located in United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Seven of the servers are themed.

List of Worlds
World Location Members Activity
301 United States flag United States Free-to-play icon Trade - Free
308 United Kingdom flag United Kingdom Free-to-play icon Wilderness PK - free style
316 United Kingdom flag United Kingdom Free-to-play icon Wilderness PK - free style
326 United Kingdom flag United Kingdom Free-to-play icon LMS Casual
335 Germany flag Germany Free-to-play icon
381 United Kingdom flag United Kingdom Free-to-play icon 500 skill total
382 United Kingdom flag United Kingdom Free-to-play icon
383 Germany flag Germany Free-to-play icon
384 Germany flag Germany Free-to-play icon
385 United States flag United States Free-to-play icon 750 skill total
393 United States flag United States Free-to-play icon Clan Wars - Free
394 United States flag United States Free-to-play icon

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