Frenita's Cookery Shop is located in Yanille. Frenita runs the shop which specialises in various Cooking items. The shop also houses a range, a sink and a churn which is considerably close to some dairy cows just north of the city walls


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Pie dish Pie dish 5 3 112
Cooking apple Cooking apple 2 1 121
Cake tin Cake tin 2 10 20
Bowl Bowl 2 4 18
Potato Potato 5 1 41
Tinderbox Tinderbox 4 1 70
Jug Jug 1 1 3
Pot Pot 8 1 6
Chocolate bar Chocolate bar 2 10 83
Pot of flour Pot of flour 8 10 119
Empty cup Empty cup 20 2 56

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