Fun weapons are wieldable objects that are intended for fun use, as they generally have low or negative bonuses. There is a restriction in the Duel Arena that can be set so only fun weapons may be used in the fight. Fun weapons are generally released for holiday rewards, as the point of the holiday events are for entertainment, without a reward that would give advantages to participants as opposed to non-participants. Some examples of fun weapons include:

Image Name Method of obtaining
Banner easel icon Banner (Construction) Construction
Fixed device Fixed device Mourning's Ends Part I
Mixed flowers Flowers Mithril seeds or Grand Exchange
Gnomeball Gnomeball Gnome Restaurant or Gnome Ball
Mouse toy Mouse toy A Tail of Two Cats
Noose wand Noose wand Hunter stores or Grand Exchange
Pet rock Pet rock Askeladden
Rat pole Rat pole Ratcatchers
Rubber chicken Rubber chicken Easter event
Scythe Scythe Hallowe'en event
Snowball 5 Snowball Christmas event
Trollweiss Trollweiss Troll Romance
Undead chicken (item) Undead chicken (item) Animal Magnetism
Large spade Large spade Completing 500 Easy clue scrolls
Stale baguette Stale baguette Mystery box
Hunting knife Hunting knife 2016 Hallowe'en event
Giant present Giant present 2016 Christmas event
Hand fan Hand fan 2017 Midsummer event

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