Release date 18 May 2004 (Update)
Race Ogre
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Location Feldip Hills
Sells items? No
Gender Female
This must be Rantz's daughter.
Fycie chathead

Fycie is the daughter of Rantz. She has a brother named Bugs. She lives in Rantz's Cave, and sells during Big Chompy Bird Hunting and afterwards feathers. In Recipe for Disaster, both Fycie and her brother Bugs use the ogre boat ride to get to Karamja. During some Treasure Trails, she has to be talked to. When doing so, she says 'Human done good!', and gives you your next clue, or the reward. When the player talks to Fycie, the option "Talk" appears, as opposed to the usual "Talk-To". This is the same for Bugs.

Treasure TrailsEdit

Fycie is the solution to the medium anagram clue: ICY FE.

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