Release date 19 November 2015 (Update)
Members only? No
Race Human
Quest NPC? No
Location Lumbridge graveyard
Sells items? Yes - Hitpoints insurance
Gender Female
A more than usually eccentric insurance broker.
Nigel location
Gelin chathead

Gelin is an NPC located at the Lumbridge graveyard. She sells hitpoints insurance, which will guarantee that a players hitpoints level will not fall below a certain level when a player dies in Deadman mode. These are one-time payments and are nonrefundable, so once a players hitpoints level is insured, it will never fall below it when they die.

  • Level 25 - 25,000 coins
  • Level 50 - 100,000 coins
  • Level 75 - 1,000,000 coins

She used to work as an assassin in Al Kharid, meeting many strong fighters. She was inspired to open an insurance stall because she saw that people feared the diminishment that came with their defeat, and not the pain that came from death.

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