Gianne's Restaurant is a food store in tree Grand Tree, owned by Aluft Gianne snr. and operated by the Gnome Waiters. It sells premade gnome food, which cannot be used for the Gnome Restaurant minigame.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Premade veg batta Premade veg batta 3 120 40
Premade w'm batta Premade w'm batta 3 120 40
Premade t'd batta Premade t'd batta 3 120 40
Premade fr't batta Premade fr't batta 3 120 40
Premade c+t batta Premade c+t batta 3 120 40
Premade worm hole Premade worm hole 3 150 41
Premade ttl Premade ttl 3 160 68
Premade veg ball Premade veg ball 3 150 42
Premade choc bomb Premade choc bomb 3 160 80
Premade w'm crun' Premade w'm crun' 3 85 40
Premade t'd crunch Premade t'd crunch 3 85 87
Premade ch' crunch Premade ch' crunch 3 85 41
Premade s'y crunch Premade s'y crunch 3 85 40

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