God blessings are rewards from Treasure Trails and can be obtained by any of the 5 clue scroll levels. Each God blessing comes colour coded to represent their respective gods. Saradomin is blue, Guthix is green, Zamorak is red, Armadyl is silver, Zaros is purple, and Bandos is brown.

Each god blessing has a +1 prayer bonus in the ammunition slot, and will also provide protection within the God Wars Dungeon (excluding the ancient and peaceful blessings).

Blessing GE Price Affiliation
Holy blessing Holy blessing 35,611 Saradomin
Unholy blessing Unholy blessing 162,915 Zamorak
Peaceful blessing Peaceful blessing 8,753 Guthix
Honourable blessing Honourable blessing 8,718 Armadyl
War blessing War blessing 13,715 Bandos
Ancient blessing Ancient blessing 8,340 Zaros