God capes God capes are a set of Magic capes that can be awarded from the Mage Arena minigame. After you defeat Kolodion in all four of his forms, speak to him and step through the sparkling pool and pray to one of three godsSaradominZamorak, or Guthix. All god staves have the same stats so choose based on the spell you want or God Wars equipment (Guthix is not involved with the God Wars Dungeon). After you have prayed to your god, the corresponding cape will drop under you to pick up. You can pray at the same statue multiple times to receive multiple God capes.

The three types of god capes are:

Wearing a god cape with the corresponding god staff can allow you to cast the spell Charge, which boosts the damage of god spell by 50% for seven minutes (with a boosted maximum hit of 30).

God capes offer the highest Magic Attack bonus of any cape. God capes require a Magic level of 60 to wear.

Once lost, a player can get a new cape by once again praying at the statue without needing to fight Kolodion again. It may be a good idea to grab multiple capes (from the same statue). Alternatively, players can purchase any one of the three capes from Perdu for 23,000 coins.

It is an essential of the corresponding god staff you choose also by talking to the Staff Trader.


Players with level 75 in Magic can imbue a god cape by taking the heart of the Demon of Light, Darkness, and Balance during The Mage Arena II miniquest to Kolodion. The imbued capes then become:

After Kolodion imbues a god cape of the player's choice, subsequent capes can be imbued with only one demon's heart of the player's choosing.

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