Release date 24 August 2004 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? Troll Stronghold
Location Troll Stronghold prison
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Notable features Son of Dunstan, Burthorpe's smith.
Dunstan's son.
Godric chathead

Godric is the son of Dunstan, Burthorpe's local blacksmith and is a soldier in the Imperial Guard.

After the player finds an alternate route up the Death Plateau in the Death Plateau quest, the Imperial Guard uses it to plan a surprise attack on the trolls. However, they encounter resistance from the trolls in the area and their forces are decimated. Some of the Guard just escape with their lives. Godric isn't so lucky and is taken prisoner by the trolls to their Stronghold next to Trollheim, where they plan to make him part of their stew. The Troll Stronghold quest centres in the player rescuing Godric from the clutches of the trolls. The player can free him and a strange hermit known as Eadgar from the Stronghold. After their rescue, they take different paths: Godric returns to Burthorpe, while Eadgar returns to his cave at the top of Trollheim.

After Troll Stronghold is completed, if the player returns to the Stronghold prison, they can see Godric taken prisoner again. However, it appears he let himself be captured, as he is secretly spying on the trolls (just like the 10th Squad does after Monkey Madness I) under the orders of Denulth to watch over the secret back entrance to the stronghold so the Imperial Guard may give a surprise attack from the back and ultimately destroy the Troll Stronghold.

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