Release date 7 January 2016 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? No
Location Hosidius House
Sells items? The Haymaker's Arms
Gender Female
She runs the bar.
Golova location
Golova chathead

Golova is the owner of The Haymaker's Arms tavern in the Hosidius House in Great Kourend.

She is the sister of Logava and Bologa, and the granddaughter of Farmer Gricoller.

When asked "Can you tell me where I am?," she replies, "You're in the Haymaker's Arms. There's a bank to the north, beyond the juniper woods, and my grandfather's fruit farm is north-east beyond the sloughed fields. Fancy a drink now?" There are several inconsistencies with this response as most of it is false.

First, the closest bank to the north is in Arceuus House and is distinctly North-West rather than North.

Furthermore, there are no juniper trees north of The Haymaker's Arms.

Lastly, Farmer Gricoller lives to the south-east not north-east and the are no sloughed fields to the north east, however, there are plugged fields between The Haymaker's Arms and Farmer Gricoller's house in the form of the Tithe Farm.

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