Grape seed detail

A grape seed can be planted in a vine patch in order to produce grapes. It requires 1 grape seed per patch, and there are 12 patches available at the vinery, thus requiring 12 grape seeds to fill up all the patches. Planting the seeds requires a Farming level of 36 to do so. It can only be obtained from the Tithe Farm for 2 points per seed.

Players will need to use saltpetre on the patches with a trowel in order to treat the soil before planting the grape seeds. Afterwards, Gallow will watch over your grapes for free.

Once fully grown, players can check the grape vine's health for 625 farming experience, and harvest 3-42 grapes, depending on the player's farming level. Magic secateurs have an effect on the yield. Higher levels will give higher yields. After all the grapes have been harvested, the grape vine will die and players will have to clear the farming patch with a spade.

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