Graphical updates are updates that change the appearance of non-player characters, monsters, items, chatheads, and animations from one version to another. Despite the old-school graphics of Old School RuneScape, many graphical updates have occurred, particularly with new content since its launch being updated.

Graphical updates mostly occur due to player feedback, and are often updated after having the items/NPC's graphic update pass a poll. On occasion, Jagex may implement graphical updates without a poll due to overwhelming player feedback, such as the fire max cape and a majority of superior slayer monsters, or to fix problems caused by a model's polygon count, such as the druidic wreath and the malediction ward (or).

Note: Hovering over the image to the right reveals the date that the model was updated.

Inventory iconsEdit

Abyssal orphan Adamant arrow pack Air rune pack Annakarl teleport
Abyssal orphan v1Abyssal orphan Adamant arrow pack v1Adamant arrow pack Air rune pack v1Air rune pack Annakarl teleport v1Annakarl teleport v2Annakarl teleport
Archers ring (i) Arclight Bait pack Berserker ring (i)
Archers ringArchers ring (i) Arclight v1Arclight Bait pack v1Bait pack Berserker ringBerserker ring (i)
Bird snare pack Botanical pie Box trap pack Brimhaven teleport
Bird snare pack v1Bird snare pack Botanical pie v1Botanical pie Box trap pack v1Box trap pack Teleport to houseBrimhaven teleport v1Brimhaven teleport
Broad arrowhead pack Buchu leaf Buchu seed Carrallangar teleport
Broad arrowhead pack v1Broad arrowhead pack Buchu leaf v1Buchu leaf Buchu seed 5 v1Buchu seed 5 Carrallangar teleport v1Carrallangar teleport v2Carrallangar teleport
Chaos rune pack Clue bottle (elite) Dareeyak teleport Dragon claws
Chaos rune pack v1Chaos rune pack Clue bottle (elite) v1Clue bottle (elite) Dareeyak teleport v1Dareeyak teleport v2Dareeyak teleport Dragon claws v1Dragon claws
Druidic wreath Earth rune pack Elder chaos top Elite void top
Druidic wreath v1Druidic wreath Earth rune pack v1Earth rune pack Elder chaos top v1Elder chaos top Elite void top v1Elite void top v2Elite void top
Elite void robe Empty vial pack Eternal boots Falador teleport
Elite void robe v1Elite void robe v2Elite void robe Empty vial pack v1Empty vial pack Eternal boots v1Eternal boots Falador teleport v1Falador teleport
Feather pack Fire max cape Fire max hood Fire rune pack
Feather pack v1Feather pack Fire max cape v1Fire max cape Fire max hood v1Fire max hood Fire rune pack v1Fire rune pack
Ghorrock teleport Gilded boots Golpar seed Graceful boots
Ghorrock teleport v1Ghorrock teleport v2Ghorrock teleport Gilded boots v1Gilded boots v2Gilded boots Buchu seed 5 v1Golpar seed 5 Graceful boots v1Graceful boots
Graceful cape Graceful gloves Graceful hood Graceful legs
Graceful cape v1Graceful cape Graceful gloves v1Graceful gloves Graceful hood v1Graceful hood Graceful legs v1Graceful legs
Graceful top Holy blessing Holy book Holy book page set
Graceful top v1Graceful top Holy blessing v1Holy blessing Holy book v1Holy book v2Holy book Holy book page set v1Holy book page set
Kharyrll teleport Lassar teleport Magic imp box pack Magic mix
Kharyrll teleport v1Kharyrll teleport v2Kharyrll teleport Lassar teleport v1Lassar teleport v2Lassar teleport Magic imp box pack v1Magic imp box pack Magic mix (2) v1Magic mix (2)
Magic potion Maple logs Maple pyre logs Mind rune pack
Magic potion (4) v1Magic potion(4) Maple logsMaple logs v1Maple logs Maple pyre logsMaple pyre logs v1Maple pyre logs Mind rune pack v1Mind rune pack
Minnow Noxifer seed Paddewwa teleport Pegasian boots
Minnow 5 v1Minnow 5 Buchu seed 5 v1Noxifer seed 5 Paddewwa teleport v1Paddewwa teleport v2Paddewwa teleport Pegasian boots v1Pegasian boots
Pet snakeling Pollnivneach teleport Primordial boots Raw dark crab
Pet snakeling v1Pet snakeling Teleport to housePollnivneach teleport v1Pollnivneach teleport Primordial boots v1Primordial boots Raw dark crab v1Raw dark crab
Rellekka teleport Rimmington teleport Ring of suffering (i) Ring of wealth (i)
Teleport to houseRellekka teleport v1Rellekka teleport Teleport to houseRimmington teleport v1Rimmington teleport Ring of sufferingRing of suffering (i) Ring of wealthRing of wealth (i)
Rune arrow pack Scorpia's offspring Scroll of redirection Seers ring (i)
Adamant arrow pack v1Rune arrow pack Scorpia's offspring v1Scorpia's offspring Scroll of redirection v1Scroll of redirection Seers ringSeers ring (i)
Senntisten teleport Soft clay pack Staff Stamina mix
Senntisten teleport v1Senntisten teleport v2Senntisten teleport Soft clay pack v1Soft clay pack Staff v1Staff Stamina mix (2) v1Stamina mix (2)
Stamina potion Taverley teleport Treasonous ring (i) Trollheim teleport
Stamina potion (4) v1Stamina potion(4) Teleport to houseTaverley teleport v1Taverley teleport Treasonous ringTreasonous ring (i) Teleport to houseTrollheim teleport v1Trollheim teleport
Tyrannical ring (i) Ugthanki kebab Broad bolt (unf) Unpowered orb
Tyrannical ringTyrannical ring (i) KebabUgthanki kebab Unfinished broad bolt pack v1Unfinished broad bolt pack Unpowered orb v1Unpowered orb
Water-filled vial pack Water rune pack Warrior ring (i) Yanille teleport
Water-filled vial pack v1Water-filled vial pack Water rune pack v1Water rune pack Warrior ringWarrior ring (i) Teleport to houseYanille teleport v1Yanille teleport





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