Kingdom of Great Kourend
Great Kourend
Capital Kourend Castle
Leader Kourend Council
Members Only Yes
No. of Banks 15
No. of Altars 4
Guilds Woodcutting Guild
Peaks None
Inhabitants/Race Human, Dwarf
Great Kourend map
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Great Kourend is a kingdom in Zeah. It is the only accessible kingdom in Zeah so far, and is as big as Misthalin and Asgarnia combined.


Although a clear timeline of Great Kourend's history cannot be formed, it is known that the kingdom was once ruled by a chamber of the Council of Elders, whose authority was transferred to the Lords of the five Houses of Great Kourend - Arceuus, Shayzien, Piscarilius, Hosidius, and Lovakengj - after the Twill accord.

At one point, the kingdom was ruled for 100 years by an evil wizard named Xeric, who created the lizardmen. It is known that a coup d'état was attempted, but failed.


Great Kourend can be accessed by speaking to Veos in Port Sarim in the southernmost dock. Doing so will take players to either the Piscarilius House, the easternmost section of the city, or Land's End the south-western docks near the Kourend Woodland. Players are able to choose to which point they want to be taken.

Players may use the Kharedst's memoirs book to teleport here after completing the Client of Kourend quest. This book allows players to teleport to each of the houses.

Players with level 25 Construction can have their Player-owned house moved to the Hosidius House north of the Charcoal furnaces for 8,750 coins. Players may also make use of a Kourend teleport tablet, made by combining a Teleport to house tablet and a Scroll of redirection if they do not wish to move their house. This still requires level 25 Construction.

In the Arceuus House Library players can find transportation incantations, a book which will unlock the Teleport to Kourend spell. Finding the book does not require helping the Arceuus House. Location of the book changes with world.

A fairy ring, code CIS, will take players north of the Arceuus House Library. Players must pay a one-off fee 80,000 coins to Trossa in order to use it.

The fairy ring DJR teleports players near the Chasm of Fire.

Players may receive Xeric's talisman from lizardmen, which can be charged with lizardman fangs. The talisman can teleport players to Shayzien, Hosidius and Lovakengj.

Players can also gain access to the mine cart transportation system that runs beneath Kourend at 65% Favour in the Lovakengj House. To open this mode of transport you must first speak with Miriam.

Players can use a Games necklace to teleport to Wintertodt Camp, in the northern area of Great Kourend.

With the addition of the Woodcutting Guild, the Skills necklace also provides a teleport to Great Kourend. There is only one requirement to use this teleport: you must have travelled to Kourend at least once before.

Favour systemEdit

Kourend sigil

The banner of Great Kourend.

Most features available within the five Houses of Great Kourend are locked behind a favour system, in which players must perform certain activities (marked on the minimap as Kourend favour activity) for an individual House to gain favour from them. Once players have gained a certain percentage of favour from a House, they will be able to access more of the House's features. For example, the Arceuus House requires players to have 60% favour before they are given access to the Arceuus spellbook.

Earning favour for a House will cause favour gained for any other House to decrease, unless they are at 100% and locked in by talking to that House's architect. See the associated miniquest, Architectural Alliance.
Kourend Favour interface

The Kourend Favour interface found within the Quest List interface.

By default, an overlay interface is displayed in the top-middle of the game client when the player is in Great Kourend. Hovering the mouse over the overlay allows players to view the percentage of favour the player has within a House in Great Kourend, as well as a small button on the right-bottom corner to view favour-gaining tasks and milestones for gaining a certain percentage of favour. Players can remove the overlay by clicking the small purple icon in the Quest List and disabling the Favour Overlay.

Houses of Great KourendEdit

Arceuus HouseEdit

Arceuus House

The Arceuus House.

The Arceuus House are mystics who focus on spirituality and magic. It features:

Hosidius HouseEdit

Hosidius House

The Hosidius House.

The Hosidius House are primarily farmers who focus on farming and cooking in order to supply food for the city. It features:

Lovakengj HouseEdit

Lovakengj House

The Lovakengj House.

The Lovakengj House are dwarves who provide equipment for the Shayzien House military, and focus on Mining and Smithing as crafts. It features:

Piscarilius HouseEdit

Piscarilius House

The Piscarilius House.

The Piscarilius House are fishermen who rely on the fishing industry for their source of income, and are also rampant with thieves and smugglers within the district. It features:

Shayzien HouseEdit

Shayzien House

The Shayzien House.

The Shayzien House is the military force who provides law, order and defence for the region. It features:



Great Kourend old map

Great Kourend on release

  • Previously, this kingdom was a city, as described from the world map label until the update where it was turned into a kingdom, in which it also updated the name to make it appear as a kingdom, rather than a city. This was possibly due to the popular Reddit post that was posted in July of 2016 listing it as a kingdom rather than a city.
  • The shape of Great Kourend used to be noticeably more rectangular and the borders between the five houses clearly distinguishable. It was redesigned due to player feedback to make it more consistent with the rest of RuneScape's landmass.