Griefing refers to the act of an offending player (i.e. the griever/griefer—one who causes grief) purposely ruining other players' gaming experiences by exploiting aspects of the game in unintended ways or disrupting the community. This also includes spamming, which is reportable under Rule 14. Griefers derive enjoyment at the expense of other players.

The most obvious form of griefing is constant stalking and harassment of another player.


Trolling refers to using subtle insults to elicit responses from others or goading an emotional response out from someone. Although griefers and trolls behave in a similar manner, such as annoying and attention-seeking, trolling occurs largely on chat or forums and individually.

Reportable griefingEdit

All these actions are against the Code of Conduct. If reported, action may be taken against the player or players involved, such as a mute or ban.

Non-reportable griefingEdit

Although dishonorable and obnoxious, these actions are considered legitimate and likely will not be addressed by Jagex Moderators.

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