Gyr falcon
Gyr Falcon
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Bird
Quest NPC? No
Location Falconry
Sells items? No
Gender N/A
It looks like it has caught something.

Gyr falcons can be rented for 500 coins from Matthias, who is found inside the Falconer area of the Piscatoris Hunter area. Players with level 43 Hunter or above can rent a gyr falcon to catch spotted (43 Hunter), dark (57 Hunter), and dashing (69 Hunter) kebbits.

If a player wishes to use a gyr falcon, they must have the falconer's glove equipped, which will protect them from the falcon's sharp claws. Players can only remove this glove by talking to Matthias and returning the falcon.

Gyr falcons cannot be taken out of the falconry area and will automatically disappear if a player teleports out of the area while holding one.