Bronze halberd Iron halberd Steel halberd Black halberd White halberd Mithril halberd Adamant halberd Rune halberd Dragon halberd Crystal halberd
Primary type Slash
Secondary type Stab
Speed Monster attack speed 3

Halberds (colloquially hallies) are long two-handed weapons with blades similar to axes and handles made up of long poles. While halberds are among the slowest weapons, halberds can hit opponents two squares away, as opposed to the one square away most melee weapons can hit.

A player may only wield a dragon halberd once they have completed the Regicide quest and the crystal halberd can only be wielded after completion of the Hard Western Provinces Diary. The other halberds can be worn anytime, so long as you have the right attack level (and with some the right strength level) to wield them.

Halberds can be used in "safe spots", or locations where a player can hit a monster and not get hit back, for example across a gate or fence. This is a part of Battle Tactics.

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