Bronze hastaIron hastaSteel hastaMithril hastaAdamant hastaRune hastaZamorakian hasta
Primary type All
Secondary type All
Speed Monster attack speed 5

Hastae are one handed melee weapons that are similar to spears with slightly lower stats. Hastae can be obtained either by trading with another player or using the Smithing skill. Hastae can be poisoned with either normal weapon poisons or karambwan paste, which is more potent and can only be used on hastae and the aforementioned spears. Due to their one handed aspect and design hastae are similar to, but should not be confused with, the mjolnirs.

Completion of the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest allows the player to take part in the smithing section of Otto's barbarian training in hastae. Level 5 or higher Smithing is also required to make a hastae.

In order to wield hastae, you must learn how to make one from Otto.

Hastae are similar to spears, except that they are one-handed, allowing for use of a shield or defender for extra bonuses. This helps cover the negative defense bonuses they give upon wielding; the exception is the Zamorakian hasta, which still retains the defensive bonuses that its spear variant has.

The Zamorakian hasta has a speed of 6, whilst the other hastae have a speed of 5.


  • Hasta is Latin for lance or spear.
  • Hasta is the singular form; hastae is plural due to its Latin base.

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