Helpline Assistant
Helpline Assistant chathead
Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? No
Location N/A
Sells items? No
Gender Female

The Helpline Assistant is one of the non-player characters contacted with the Lunar spell NPC Contact using the 'Random' selection.


Parts of this article are copyrighted by Jagex. It has a direct quote, copied verbatim, from Old School RuneScape or the Old School RuneScape website.

Player: Hello?

Helpline Assistant: You have reached the Lunar Communication Helpline. I'm sorry we can't answer your telekinetic question right now. Our opening times are carefully organised to coincide with you being busy. If you are having an emergency, you have our most profound apologies. Have a nice day. Good bye.

Player: Typical.


  • She seems to be a parody/stereotype of a customer service department from a large company.