Heroes' Guild mine
Heroes' Guild dungeon runite
Location Heroes' Guild basement
Members only? Yes
Rocks 11 Coal rocks
2 Mithril rocks
2 Adamantite rocks
2 Runite rocks
Monsters Giant bats

Blue dragon

Requirements Heroes' Quest completed
Heroes' Guild location

The Heroes' Guild mine is a mine located in the basement of the Heroes' Guild. Players must have completed the Heroes' Quest to enter. It is notable because it contains two of only four Runite ore rocks found outside of the Wilderness, which has a total of six. The mine features:

Heroes' Guild dungeon map

There are several non-aggressive giant bats, as well as a caged blue dragon. The nearest bank is in the Rogues' Den or the Warriors' Guild, though a teleport may be a better idea if using a Games necklace to return to Burthorpe.

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