Release date 31 May 2005 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Dwarf
Quest NPC? No
Location Keldagrim
Sells items? Green Gemstone Gems
Gender Male
A gem stall owner, with goods from the deepest of mines.
Keldagrim Palace Map

Hervi is the owner of Green Gemstone Gems, a gem stall located in Keldagrim's marketplace. He is a loyal member of the Green Gemstone, one of the eight companies that form the Consortium.

Players can thieve from his stall, requiring 75 Thieving and yielding 160 Thieving experience on success, but players may be attacked by level 48 Black Guards that hit hard and fast. His stall respawns at the same rate as the Ardougne Gem Stall, which is 100 seconds.

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