Hit delay is the time between performing an attack (the animation starting) and the hit splat showing up (the attack dealing damage). Hit delay is measured in game ticks (one game tick being 0.6 seconds).

Melee Edit

When attacking using a melee weapon, the hit delay always seems to be 1 game tick.

Ranged and Magic Edit

When attacking using a ranged or magic attack the hit delay seems to depend on the distance between the player and the target, and on the speed of the projectile. The distance is measured in squares (and is easily calculated by determining the minimum amount of steps your character has to walk in order to reach the target's square). The relation between distance and hit delay for ranged and magic attacks are shown in the following tables.

Ranged Edit

Ranged projectiles seem to follow this table.

Distance (squares) Hit delay (game ticks)
1 2
2 2
3 3
4 3
5 3
6 3
7 3
8 3
9 4
10 4

Magic Edit

Magic projectiles are a bit slower and seem to follow this table.

Distance (squares) Hit delay (game ticks)
1 2
2 3
3 3
4 3
5 4
6 4
7 4
8 5
9 5
10 5

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