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Holy Grail (#30)
Holy Grail
Members only? Yes
Release date 23 July 2002 (Update)
Quest series Camelot (#2)
Official difficulty Intermediate
Developer Paul Gower
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Details Edit

Start point Quest Speak to King Arthur in Camelot.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description King Arthur is sending out his knights on a quest for the famous Holy Grail.

If you are a Knight of the Round Table go to King Arthur for further orders.

Length Medium
Items required
Enemies to defeat Black Knight Titan (level 120)

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to King Arthur. (Chat 1-1)
  • Talk to Merlin. (Chat 1)
    • He will now be found on the 1st floor[U.K. floor], in the room with the cauldron. Go up the main staircase and head to the eastern room. He won't show up as a yellow dot on the minimap until you have entered the room.
  • Travel to Entrana. (No weapons or armour are allowed)
  • Talk to the high priest in the church up until the old crone joins the conversation.
  • Travel to Camelot. Go to Galahad's house west of McGrubor's Wood ( ALS )
  • Talk to Galahad, ask for the piece of cloth, you will receive a Holy table napkin. (Chat 4)
  • Travel to Draynor Manor's top floor's southern room and pick up 2 magic whistles. (They won't show up as a red dot on the minimap until you have entered the southern room)
  • Get armour, Excalibur and food to fight The Black Knight Titan.
    Holy grail 6

    The location on the minimap.

  • Travel northwest of Brimhaven to the northwestern peninsula (see the minimap image). To quickly travel to Brimhaven, teleport to Ardougne and take the boat (Plague City must be completed in order to use an Ardougne teleport.), otherwise take the boat from Port Sarim to Karamja.
  • Stand under the tower and blow a magic whistle to be teleported to the Fisher Realm.
  • Fight the Black Knight Titan nearby on the bridge and kill it with Excalibur.
  • Head south along the river and talk to a fisherman. (Chat 2)
  • Head to the castle, southwest of the fisherman, pick up the Grail bell from the ground and ring it.
  • Talk to the Fisher King upstairs. (Chat 2, 1)
  • Travel to Camelot and talk to King Arthur.
    Sir percival

    Sir Percival

  • Travel to Goblin Village.
  • Use the Open option on the sacks in the house in the east side of Goblin Village.
  • Talk to Sir Percival, you will need a Magic Whistle. (Chat 2)
  • Travel back to the Fisher Realm (via Brimhaven or using the Fairy Ring code: BJR. You do not need to fight the Titan again either way).
  • Head to the top floor of the eastern tower and take a Holy Grail.
  • Return to King Arthur.
  • Quest complete!

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