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Also known as Hunt
Release date 21 November 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Players with
as of 7 February 2018 - update
Players with
200M XP
as of 7 February 2018 - update

Hunter is a members'-only skill where players catch different animals and creatures in RuneScape. Although Hunter is a non-combat skill, players can still be damaged while hunting. Using hunting equipment bought from hunter stores, players can hunt specific creatures obtaining rewards such as spotted kebbit fur for spotted cape, chinchompa ammunition, black salamanders, and the fabled dragon impling jar.

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Hunter level-up music (link)
The first music that can be played when levelled up.
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Hunter level-up music (link)
The second music that can be played when levelled up.

Hunter itemsEdit

Only two Hunter stores exist: Aleck's Hunter Emporium in Yanille, and Nardah Hunter Shop in Nardah. Using the Lunar Magic spell Hunter Kit (spell), players can obtain a hunter kit which contains various useful hunter items.

Level Equipment Cost Uses
1 Noose wand Noose wand 4 coins Tracking
1 Bird snare Bird snare 6 coins Bird Snaring
15 Butterfly net Butterfly net 900 coins Butterfly netting
15 Butterfly jar Butterfly jar 1 coin Butterfly netting
27 Box trap Box trap 38 coins Box trapping
27 Rabbit snare Rabbit snare 18 coins Rabbit Snaring
31 Teasing stick Teasing stick 60 coins Pitfall trapping
39 Torch Torch 4 coins Smoking traps to remove player's scent - increases catch chance by 2% [1]
71 Magic box Magic box 788 coins Magic imp hunting

Other useful items are as follows:

Level Item Uses
1 Iron spit Must be used to cook beast or bird meat, and can cook rabbit meat
5 Waterskin, and Desert clothing. Protection in Kharidian Desert
23 Knife and logs (and/or axe to cut them) Deadfall and Pitfall Trapping
27 Rope to fly eagles Eagle transport system
29 Rope and small fishing net Net Trapping
29 Bait - 15 swamp tar, herb (Guam leaf, Marrentill, Tarromin, Harralander), pestle and mortar Net Trapping
39 Tinderbox to light the torch. Note that left clicking a lit torch results in extinguishing it. To light the torch
43 500 coins for renting a falcon Falconry
71 Bait - beads (Imp Catcher quest) Magical imp boxes

Hunter equipmentEdit

Crossbows and boltsEdit

Leon inside the Hunter shop in Yanille sells a Hunter's crossbow for 1,300 coins and makes bolts for a small fee.

Note: You can make your own bolts by using a chisel on a kebbit spike. The Hunter's crossbow is a fast crossbow (as fast as any shortbow) requiring 50 Ranged to wield.

Fancy Dress ShopEdit

Varrock custom furs

You receive many types of fur while hunting and all of these may be traded in at the fancy-dress shop in south-east Varrock for different types of hunter gear. The costume maker requires a few coins to make sets of hunter gear as well.

The kebbit, weasel and devil fur is used to make camouflage clothing. Kyatt, graahk and larupia hunter gear are an improved form of camouflage for the area(s) the clothing's fur came from. Wearing camouflage does not improve your chances of successfully capturing prey.[2]

The shop can also make items which have other uses. Spotted and spottier capes reduce your weight when worn allowing you to run for longer, and the gloves of silence made from dark kebbit furs make pickpocketing easier.

Prices for the clothes range from 20 to 1000 coins. You need 2 furs per cape made, and 1 or 2 furs for every item of camouflage clothing made.


Other equipment include coloured feathers, spikes for vambraces and bolts, wieldable harpoons, ingredients for Hunter potions, creature ranged weapons, and butterflies which raise other players' combat bonuses.

Hunter areasEdit

Hunter areas are places where players can hunt. Most of the hunter areas, including the hunter shops, are close to fairy rings. The central ring in Zanaris is close to a bank which can be used to deposit rewards. Other methods of transportation are listed below.

After completing the Eagle's Peak quest, a player can use the eagle transport system to fly an eagle from Eagles' Peak in the woodland area to 3 of the other training areas: snow, jungle and desert.

Hunter locations
Area type Prey level Hunter guide Knowledge Base name Fairy ring
Training areas with multiple species 1 Jungle Feldip Hunter area AKS
1 Snow Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunter area (polar) DKS
3 Woodland Piscatoris Hunter area AKQ
5 Desert Uzer Hunter area DLQ
9 Woodland Kourend Woodland N/A
67-73 Wilderness N/A
Hunting areas with a single species 29 Swamp Swamp lizard area (east of Canifis) CKS
41 Karamja Horned graahk area (Karamja) CKR
43 Woodland (Falconer) Falconry area (3 types of kebbits) AKQ
59 Altar Red salamander area (Near Zamorak monks, south-west of West Ardougne) N/A
Hunter shops
Yanille CIQ
Nardah DLQ

Hunting techniquesEdit

Bird snaringEdit

Birds are hunted using a Bird snare.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
1 Crimson swift 34 Jungle
5 Golden warbler 47 Desert
9 Copper longtail 61 Woodland
11 Cerulean twitch 64.5 Snow
19 Tropical wagtail 95 Jungle


Some types of kebbit can be tracked and caught with a Noose wand.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
1 Polar kebbit 30 Snow
3 Common kebbit 36 Woodland
7 Feldip Weasel 48 Jungle
13 Desert Devil 66 Desert
49 Razor-backed kebbit 348 Woodland
80 Herbiboar 1950 Fossil Island

Herbiboar gives a base experience value of 1950, with additional XP being granted based on Hunter level (Roughly 29 exp per level past 80).

Bird house trappingEdit

Requiring completion of Bone Voyage, bird house traps are done by using bird houses on certain spots on Fossil Island. The first is found west of the ancient shroom in the Mushroom Forest, the second is found by the entrance to the Tar Swamp, while the third and fourth are found in the verdant valley south of the Museum Camp. These are easily accessible by using the Magic Mushtrees.

Bird house trapping

A bird house trap that has been set.

Bird traps are made by using the appropriate logs on a piece of clockwork while having a hammer and chisel. Once the bird house trap has been set, players will need to fill it with hop seeds in order to lure the birds in. A single bird takes, on average, 5 minutes to capture.

After placing the hop seeds as bait, the bird house trap will passively capture birds, up to a maximum of 10. To claim the Hunter experience, head back to the bird house trap to empty and dismantle it. Players will receive 5-6 feathers and one raw bird meat per bird caught, as well as a chance of receiving bird's nests. The bird house will be lost in the process, with the clockwork being returned, requiring a new one to be set up.

You have a better chance of receiving more nests using higher tier houses.

Note: Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute after logging into the game. This will allow the bird house to update its catch accordingly.

Type Crafting lv Crafting exp Hunter lv Hunter exp
(full birdhouse)
Bird house Regular 5 15 5 280
Oak bird house Oak 15 20 14 420
Willow bird house Willow 25 25 24 560
Teak bird house Teak 35 30 34 700
Maple bird house Maple 45 35 44 820
Mahogany bird house Mahogany 50 40 49 960
Yew bird house Yew 60 45 59 1,020
Magic bird house Magic 75 50 74 1,140
Redwood bird house Redwood 90 55 89 1,200

Deadfall trappingEdit

Deadfall trapping is done with a Knife and Logs, with the exception of maniacal monkeys, where a Kruk monkey greegree and bananas are needed to catch them.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
23 Wild kebbit 128 Woodland
33 Barb-tailed kebbit 168 Jungle
37 Prickly kebbit 204 Northern Woodland
51 Sabre-toothed kebbit 200 Snow
60 Maniacal monkey 1,000 Kruk's Dungeon


To catch some types of kebbit you'll need a Gyr falcon, which can be borrowed in the Piscatoris Hunter area for 500 coins.

Level Req Creature Exp
43 Spotted kebbit 104
57 Dark kebbit 132
69 Dashing kebbit 156

Box trappingEdit

Box trapping is done with a Box trap.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
27 Ferret 115 Woodland, after Eagles' Peak
53 Chinchompa 198.25 Woodland
63 Carnivorous chinchompa 265 Jungle
73 Black chinchompa 315 Woodland

Butterfly nettingEdit

Butterflies are caught with a Butterfly net.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
15 Ruby harvest 24 Woodland
25 Sapphire glacialis 34 Snow
35 Snowy knight 44 Snow
45 Black warlock 54 Jungle

Pitfall trappingEdit

Pitfall trapping is done using a Teasing stick. A knife and logs are used to set the trap.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
31 Spined larupia 180 Jungle
41 Horned graahk 240 Karamja
55 Sabre-toothed kyatt 300 Snow

Net trappingEdit

Net trapping is done using a Small fishing net and Rope.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
29 Swamp lizard 152 Swamp
47 Orange salamander 224 Desert
59 Red salamander 272 Lava (Near Battlefield)
67 Black salamander 319.5 Lava (Wilderness)


Implings are small creatures that can be hunted within Puro-Puro as well as spawning at random points around the world. Catching an Impling requires the use of a Butterfly net or Magic butterfly net and Impling jar. Alternatively Implings can be caught barehanded - without the use of a Net or Impling jar - but require you to be 10 levels above the normal requirement.

Level Req
With Net
Level Req
Creature Experience
in Puro-Puro
in world
17 27 Baby impling 18 20
22 32 Young impling 20 22
28 38 Gourmet impling 22 24
36 46 Earth impling 25 27
42 52 Essence impling 27 29
50 60 Eclectic impling 30 32
58 68 Nature impling 34 36
65 75 Magpie impling 44 216
74 84 Ninja impling 50 240
83 93 Dragon impling 65 300
89 99 Lucky impling 80 ??

Rabbit snaringEdit

Rabbit holes

Rabbit holes.

Rabbits can only be hunted using a Ferret and a Rabbit snare after the Eagles' Peak quest.

Level Req Creature Exp
27 White rabbit 144

Magic box trappingEdit

Imps can be caught using a Magic box.

Level Req Creature Exp
71 Imp 450

Temporary boostsEdit

Main article: Temporary skill boost

Quests giving Hunter experience Edit

Quest Level requirement Xp Reward
Eagles' Peak 27 2,500 xp
Monkey Madness II 60 15,000 xp