Ice Burst

Ice Burst


Magic-icon 70








2Death rune4Chaos rune4Water rune

Ice Burst
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Ice Burst requires a Magic level of 70 to cast and can do damage in a 3x3 square area up to 9 targets. This spell can freeze your targets, immobilising them for 10 seconds, and is capable of hitting up to 22 damage (without any magic damage boosts) per cast.

As with all Ancient Magicks spells, the Desert Treasure quest must be completed to cast this spell.

Ice Burst is the most common Ancient spell used in Castle Wars and the Fight Pits, due to its relative low cost compared with Ice Barrage, the lower level requirement, and the relatively large number of targets in small spaces, especially on crowded worlds.

Ice Burst is also a common spell in Pest Control games due to the many monsters stuck in places where they cannot move. As of December 18 2014, Pest Control gives full experience from casting spells.

Remember, you cannot use Lunar spells or Standard spells if you are using Ancient Magicks.


Spell cost
4Chaos rune2Death rune4Water rune838
Combo runes
4Chaos rune2Death rune4Mud rune1,666
4Chaos rune2Death rune4Steam rune1,058
4Chaos rune2Death rune4Mist rune974
4Chaos rune2Death runeStaff of water818
4Chaos rune2Death runeMist battlestaff818
4Chaos rune2Death runeMud battlestaff818
4Chaos rune2Death runeSteam battlestaff818

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