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Lunar Sea
Lunar Sea Iceberg Lunar Sea

The Iceberg is a plain iceberg in the sea. Or so it seems. Underground, is the base of operations of the evil penguins. It can only be accessed by those who have gone half way through Cold War.

You can travel back to the Iceberg after the quest is completed by talking to Larry on the dock east of Rellekka.

Notable featuresEdit


  • Pescaling Pax - the king of the penguins, and is also leading the penguins to war against RuneScape.
  • Ping and Pong - These are two musical penguins who are annoyed that most instruments require thumbs and fingers to play. During Cold War, you have to give them a some bongos and a cowbell. Because of this, they nearly get thrown into solitary.



  • Cold War is greatly involved with the iceberg.


  • Have an ice day
  • Espionage

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