Infernal axe
Infernal axe
Release date 27 August 2015 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High Alch 59,800 coins
Low Alch 39,920 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Weight 2 kg
A very powerful, fiery axe.
Infernal axe detail
Smouldering stone

A player uses a smouldering stone to create an infernal tool.

The infernal axe is a special axe that requires level 61 Woodcutting to use. It is created by using a smouldering stone on a dragon axe, requiring level 61 Woodcutting and level 85 Firemaking to create, which cannot be boosted. Assembling an infernal axe will grant you 350 Firemaking xp and 200 Woodcutting xp. Chopping trees with the infernal axe will grant a 1/3 chance the logs will be burnt as they are chopped. This will give 50% of the Firemaking experience that would usually be gained by using a tinderbox to burn the logs. Redwood logs can be burnt this way even without having the required Firemaking level to light them.

The infernal axe will be able to burn 5,000 logs before degrading, requiring another smouldering stone to recharge it. When fully depleted, you can still use it as a regular dragon axe.

The infernal axe possesses the same special attack as the dragon axe, in which it boosts a players Woodcutting level by 3 and requires 100% special to use.

When fighting the Wintertodt, the infernal axe does not consume bruma roots, acting instead as a regular axe. The same can be said for chopping sulliuscep mushrooms.

Hover over image for type Infernal axe equipped
Attack icon Attack bonus
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic icon Ranged icon
-2 +38 +32 +0 +0
Defence icon Defence bonus
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic icon Ranged icon
+0 +1 +0 +0 +0
Melee Other bonuses Slot
Strength icon Ranged Strength icon Magic Damage icon Prayer icon

Weapon slotlist

+42 +0 +0% +0
Monster attack speed 5