Jolly Boar Inn
Jolly Boar
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Location North East of Varrock, nearly in Wilderness
Members only? No
Sells Beer
NPCs Johnathon, Bartender, Cook
Monsters 3 Man/Woman, Thief, Black Knight
Related quests Family Crest, Vampire Slayer (character moved to Blue Moon Inn)
Other info Thread respawn
Jolly Boar Inn Map
Jolly Boar Inn sign

The Jolly Boar Inn is a two-story bar and inn located north-east of Varrock, on the southern border of the Wilderness. It contains a range and a spawn point for thread. The bartender only sells (ordinary) beer for 2 coins each.

The bar contains Johnathon from the Family Crest quest. In the early days of RuneScape 2, this bar was the location of Dr Harlow, an important character in the Vampire Slayer quest. He was moved to the Blue Moon Inn because newer players had a hard time finding the bar and would often wander into the nearby Wilderness. A man upstairs and a woman downstairs, though they both walk normally, act drunk when you talk to them, conversing with a player about how there are two of them and mumbling about "giant hairy cabbages". A Black Knight and a Thief also wander around the inn, but the knight is not aggressive, unlike those at the Black Knight's Fortress. The Bartender of the Jolly Boar Inn will say that the Bartender of the Blue Moon Inn is crazy because he thinks RuneScape is in a computer game. A Cook resides in the inn, on the south-east corner, cooking something on the range.