Release date 22 November 2005 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? Making History
The Slug Menace
Location Outpost
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Notable features Starts Making History. Also, translates the Door transcription.
A sensible looking man.
Outpost location
Jorral chathead

Jorral is a non-player character located at his Outpost, which is surrounded by aggressive level 64 wolves and level 42 hobgoblins, north of West Ardougne. He starts the Making History quest. During Making History, Jorral enlists the help of the player to save the outpost from King Lathas by researching its past. After the player saves the outpost, Jorral turns it into a small museum.

He also features in The Slug Menace quest, where the player takes a transcript of the runes to take him for translating which leads him to describing Mother Mallum's history.

During a master clue: "Buried beneath the ground, who knows where it's found. Lucky for you, A man called Jorral may have a clue." He will give you a strange device. When felt, it will damage around 5-8 damage and tell you how close the digging spot is with "very cold, cold, warm, hot, very hot, etc." compared to the last time you touched it.


  • If you talk to Jorral for a master clue before finishing the quest Making History your character will try to mention the clue, but swiftly be interrupted with "Stop! I have no time for this clue".